To end the release, right-click on your release branch, go to Git Flow, and select finish release. The state of develop is ready for the “next release” and we have decided that this will become version 1.2 (rather than 1.1.6 or 2.0). * `git flow release finish` takes a `-n` flag, to skip tagging. git commit -a -m "Fixes release candidate" Finish release branch. The corresponding console log is attached as well. Once your release has been finished; you’ll have to push master, develop and tags and also remove remote release… mvn jgitflow:release-finish Verify that: Release branch is merged into local develop branch. Fork will ask you whether you want to delete the branch and back-merge master to develop. Branch naming convention: release-* Release branches are created from the develop branch. * `git flow {feature,hotfix,release} finish` now takes a `-k` flag, to keep the branch around after finishing. Whether to skip merging release into the production branch. The hotfix branch is derived from the main branch and merged back … * For consistency, `git flow {release,hotfix}` now, too, have a `publish` and `track` subcommand, just like `feature`. Description: Releases the project.Builds the project, Merges the release branch (as per git-flow), optionally pushes changes and updates pom(s) to new development version boolean-Whether to skip tagging the release in Git. $ git flow release finish 0.1.0 Switched to branch 'master' Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy. Short name: jgitflow:release-finish. boolean: 1.0.5: Whether to skip calling Maven test goal before merging the branch. authentication.txt | 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) create mode 100644 authentication.txt Deleted branch release/0.1.0 (was 1b26f7c). It seems like your email is not verified on hub. So let’s explain what’s happening. Show git commands while executing them: F,[no]fetch Fetch from origin before performing finish git flow release publish $( git fcb ) User property is: skipTag. git flow feature start NewWidget.. commits .. git flow feature finish -r -S; git push origin; This allows for: Multiple commits to be squashed into a single commit before merging the feature into develop. git flow release branch [-h] [-F] [-s] [-u] [-m] [-f] [-p] [-n] [-S] [] Release a branch [], if a name is not given it defaults to the develop branch, and use the given version --h,help Show this help: showcommands! git flow release finish -F $( git fcb ) frp = ! Default value is: false. * Various minor fixes. f() { if [ !-z $1] ; then git flow release start $1 ${2:-master}; else echo ' Invalid name '; exit 1; fi;}; f " frf = ! Full name: com.atlassian.maven.plugins:maven-jgitflow-plugin:1.0-m4:release-finish. Commit changes to the release branch. git fetch origin master Finish the release branch. $ git flow release finish 1.4.0 This will: Merge changes into the master branch, Create a 1.4.0 tag, Merge changes into the develop branch, Remove your local release\1.4.0 branch. Check both and click on Submit. Make sure your local master branch is up to date. Keep history linear; Rebase before merging; I would like to leverage pull requests in this model, however there are a few problems. frs = "! Default value is: false. git checkout release/release1 git pull git flow release finish release1-or-git flow release finish -m "Your message" "release1" git checkout main git push --all origin Hotfix Branch. Finishing a release with version 1.0-alpha26 failed with the following error: The attached jgitflow.log shows the following: Finishing the release manually via git flow release finish 3.0.2 works like a charm. You’ll see the Git history change, and it might be complicated. Release Finish. User property is: skipReleaseMergeProdBranch. Project version is updated in local develop branch. For example, say version 1.1.5 is the current production release and we have a big release coming up. To continue to use this service, please verify your email first and then try again