REDUCED at $1200 without case. $2400 SOLD, This instrument is a beautiful trombone indeed! Sold, This trombone reminds me of the Rolls Royce of jazzer trombones, it's super classy with forward thinking designs but also playing like a classic. SOLD, Totally unique trombone that was built from parts for a Bach aficionado to be an ultimate vintage Bach jazzer. The larger bore orchestral instruments were influenced by the German makers who had been making instruments with F attachments and larger bell flares with bigger bores. $3900, Made famous by Glenn Miller, this is the Bach New York model 6vii trombone. It has been used on movie scores, at the Hollywood Bowl and with some of the big symphonies in the LA area. It's a nice playing straight trombone for someone looking for one on a budget. This is one of the easiest .500" jazzers I've tried, everything slots where it should, it exudes confidences and encourages you to play. In case you wanted to know, the model 6i has these specs: .485" bore slide, #412 leadpipe, .522" slide crook, #401 bell, .721" large tuning slide, .582" small tuning slide, #411 tuning slide bow, #411 neckpipe. The Conn 88HCL features a special rotary valve designed by famous trombonist Christian Linberg. Owned by Tonight Show trombonist Matt Finders. There is one minor dent in the slide bow. Also has a modular bell, so I suppose you could order different parts from Thein at a later date. It features F-Bb/High F with 5th valve being a Bb-F and the 4th valve being a 3/4 step muting valve for stopped notes. Save some money $3850, Beautiful like new Kanstul 1662 bass trombone. This one is an early Bob Williams instrument, who was Earl's son and took over the business after Earl passed away. SOLD, One of the best custom trombones you can get, this is a Shires made in Boston Massachusetts. $4650 with BAM case SOLD, Very nice, lightly used Conn 88H Lindberg valve with sterling silver bell, silver plated and gold plated trim. You'll not find a nicer Olds. Valves 1-2-3 (right hand, lower) are standard configuration. It was the most popular variation of the seven sizes. It has a 10.5" yellow brass bell, inline rotary valves in Bb/F/Eb/G setup with open wrap tubing. The YEP-321 has always been a favorite amongst working professionals. It was owned by Alex Iles. It plays amazingly well and is one of the best alto trombones currently on the market. I think it would work as a bass trombone but has a 9" bell and dual bore slide… top tube is .547" (I haven't measured the bottom). REDUCED $1000 with gig bag. Valves are fast and seal well. The original parts are all included in the purchase, along with the original landslide (serial 48xx). A hard case is included. This thing is a gas to play, its everything you expect it to be and more. REDUCED $1400 with case, Every once in a while I get an instrument in stock that I like to call a "gigmeister" which basically means that its not a perfect looking trombone to attract attention or it might be an odd ball design. New, they run around $4800. The sound is pure and brilliant with lots of projection. Standard Conn slide receiver. It is in very good condition for its age, showing a ferrule on the slide that looks to have been replaced. It features an open wrap, standard rotary valve, standard weight gold brass bell, .547" orchestral weight slide. Fourth, I just love the patina on this horn. One of the most rare trombones around, the Earl Strickler trombones were popular in the 1930s. Cosmetically, you will notice the horn has a lot of patches. New, they are over $8500 as the dollar drops, it only gets more expensive. All in excellent like new condition with some minor wear on the valve section and a small dent in the F tuning slide. Andalucia Bb/F Large Bore Silver Trombone NEW. $2300 without case SOLD, Here's a really nice Bach Soloist Stradivarious: gold brass bell, open wrap F attachment, lightweight nickel slide. Valve register feels open and even. It's a nice instrument and great for a young player looking for a professional trombone at an affordable price. Here's a mid 1950s Conn 8H in very good condition and ready for use. Plays great and the slide action is good. $1100 without case SOLD, case available for $300, What can I say... this is a rare gem of a trombone! SOLD $3700 without case. $2250 with case SALE PENDING. It's a beautiful instrument and has been meticulously restored. It features inline Greenhoe valves (original not schilke), a new Greenhoe optimized Bach 50 slide with a Brassark NY50 seamed nickel silver leadpipe, Greenhoe rest bar. This is a good playing BBb helicon from C.G. Overall in very good used condition for an instrument this age. This instrument is an older model and has been well used. A beautiful trombone we recently refinished here at the shop. As with all our full conversions: New inner tubes, threaded leadpipe receiver, bell voodoo, open wrap oversized valve section, Brassark seamed tenor slide crook and this one gets a seamed copper MV42 leadpipe. Very good playing instrument, the valve is balanced and the action is very fast and short. A removable hand rest is included. This is one of the premiere bass sackbuts made in the world today. Comes with a form fitting case. $2800 without case. Original case included. This one has spent most of it's career in the Los Angeles recording studios and was previously owned by one of the first call players here in LA. Includes the original case. That slide may or may not belong originally to this trombone. $850 sold, Nice used leather gig bag for bass trombone, black and green two tone leather. This instrument was made after Earl and his son Bob had passed away and the company was sold. 12C Hot Sale Silver Alto Trombone Mouthpiece Precise Small Shank Accessories. UPDATE: we performed a slide job on it and while the action is a solid 8/10 it would need new outer tubes to be a perfect slide (someone did poor slide repair to it as some point in its life). SOLD. It features inline rotary valves in Bb/F/G/Eb, original Elkhart bell and slide. Excellent player, excellent condition, original lacquer and original owner. Made in the 1970s by Bohm&Meinl for Giardinelli, this is a decent playing alto sackbut. It is in fantastic condition and includes the original case. This one is in particular clean condition, showing some minor lacquer wear from typical use. Includes a gig bag. Slide action is fast and nimble and the horn is free of dents. Would be lovely to complete a section with the Ed. The bass trombone does have some wear from use, broken in by a great player. Very consistent intonation with a classic conical sound. $1600 with original case. I find it to be a little wider in the throat which gives a warm and rich sound… think Chicago Symphony. $1100 SOLD, Up for sale is a nice newer Conn 88HTO, generation II bell section. The 283 is the same horn with a cut bell. $950 with case. The slide is original Bach. The result, a less expensive bass trombone with less options but still a capable player that lives up to the shires reputation. Slide action is good with some very minor pits on the end of the upper stocking. Kruspe trombones were famous for their "kruspe" metal, which was a ultra thin red brass alloy made specifically made by kruspe for their trombones and low brass. CR rotary valves in Bb/F/D dependent setup. You don't see many stock closed wrap Bach 42s from this period as the open wrap was all the rage at the time. This silversonic is so new it's not been broken in yet. $1000 with case. 4.5 out of 5 stars 261. The silver plated finish is in very good condition with no wear spots or thin plating. This is similar to a 4H, .485" bore with a solid copper bell. An additional .547" slide can be included for $600. Price is $3500 for the whole setup. Early production serial 9xx. Lacquer is 100% $2700 with case. This is a stunning trombone and one of the very best jazzers I've ever played. SOLD. A very solid and excellent playing Bach Mt Vernon 36B. Nice intonation and very easy to play. This is a nice one and quite rare. An axial (thayer) valve with open wrap and gold brass tuning slide. If you've been searching for a vintage Conn 88H, here it is. Many of these instruments are well over $10k now, this Yamaha is a top tier professional level geyer style horn in the same league but half the price of some of the boutique makers. Pull up a chair, cause here's a story for you. When I was a youth, in one of my lessons with Byron (while geeking out about gear) he pulled this Olds Super from the closet. It has a 16" bell flare and is an excellent tuba for a musician looking for a compact horn from shows, pit work, studio work, quintet, chamber music or small orchestras. A very famous trombone, this is the custom double valve tenor 88H made by Larry Minick for Stuart Dempster. It has removable lead pipes. REDUCED $525. As a result, some of the lacquer on the instrument is of a different texture. The leadpipe has been changed to a custom Atkinson A3 nickel silver leadpipe. $4200 sold, One of the most desirable German made romantic trombones, this is a Robert Schopper instrument, made around 1910 in Leipzig. Has a press fit Brasslab leadpipe. This trumpet also has Mt Vernon style pull knobs and braces and uses a narrow vintage style tuning slide. They are a combination of old style German posaune with a modern spin and updating, making them more easy to play but still retaining the qualities of the German trombone. $2700 On Trial, First off, this is a fabulous playing modern Conn bass trombone. Professional bass trombone, Vincent Bach Stradivarius, model 50B (now known as 50B3O). This is a nearly new Rath contrabass trombone in the key of F. It is a beautiful instrument and sure to inspire any trombonist lusting for a new toy. This would be for "symphonic work" and his idea was to keep it small up front and big in the back. SALE PENDING $2400 with case, Here's a new, demo model, Markus Leuchter alto trombone in Eb. 8.5" thin red brass bell, narrow .547" slide. Conn C series instruments are some of the most well regarded in terms of years of production. This one is a great playing example of a Bach alto. REDUCED $4400 without case. Rare eB alto trombone made by J. Pfretzschner in Germany. A bit more bite in the sound. Additionally, the valve bearing plate is worn and will be replaced (I will have my repairman Brad fabricate a new bearing plate). It is in excellent condition with hardly any wear. Comes with some extra leadpipes. Here is a Bb tenor sackbut for sale, pitch A=440. If these trumpets look familiar to you, perhaps you might remember them from the famous poster with Gary Grant, Warren, Jerry Hey and Lew Soloff ( $2650 without case. Plays very open! This one is in excellent condition. The original case is included. A rare opportunity to get a German romantic trombone from one of the original makers. No case. REDUCED $1500 with a gig bag. These have an 8" bell diameter with a .525" slide. Totally beautiful and stunning piece of trombone artwork. This one also has a TB47 slide which is a wide bach style slide. At some point along the way the outer slide and inner slide were exchanged, so serials do not match. It is made by the Hirsbrunner company, a small maker in Switzerland. It's quite a stunning trombone now! This one plays great!!! I'm estimating the horn is from the 1950s and looks the same as the Holton 65/69 trombones from this period. A beautiful vintage Holton bass trumpet, smaller size with a stunning gold brass bell. This one has that classic "Conn sound" SOLD $1600 with original case. 6xxx serial number. The new price for these horns are well over $2000, this one is available at $1300. The valve register is free and open with balance on both sides of the horn. This one is unique in that it has the original bill of sale included with it. Tomes was one of the first makers doing historic brass instruments, and there are some "handmade" qualities about this sackbut that I particularly appreciate looking at. SOLD, Here is a beautiful Elkhart Conn 8H, owned and used by Stuart Dempster. 9.5" thin red brass bell, .562" slide with tuning in the slide, stacked rotary valves in F/E. The mic is included. Very versatile instruments that work well for commercial, broadway shows or principal in orchestra. Slide action is fast and precise. SOLD, Here is a gorgeous custom Shires large tenor trombone with some really cool specs. It's well made and offers traits you can't find in other brands. Additionally the handle was removed and a ring installed on the slide to help with grip and accuracy. We had a beautiful vintage Elkhart Conn 88H come into the shop and thought it would be a nice candidate for a full conversion. The 72H is a bell tuning version of the famous 70H. Included with the instrument is a 1958 Mt Vernon Bach 30CB contrabass trombone mouthpiece, shank altered to fit this instrument perfectly. Comes with the original Bach case. It has a dual bore .547"/.562" slide, 10.25" bell flare, made from gold brass. The Kanstul 1662i is a modern take on the classic Conn 62H trombones of yesteryear. Overall, this is in very good condition and has a beautiful warm sound. vintage king 3b concert silversonic trombone original finish vintage king 3b trombone with solid sterling silver bell. These are handmade natural french horns with full set of crooks and slides. He toured with Frank Sinatra in the 70s and also with Bing Crosby... those tours and recordings were done on this model 4 Williams. Well… they should be! It replaced the 6H in the Conn line and is still in production today. A very good playing instrument, responsive bell with a warm colorful sound and lots of focus. By having the correct acoustic taper here, many of the partials that are historically out of tune on a .547" tenor trombone are exactly in tune on this trombone. This one is a demo horn in new condition. If you're considering this instrument, you already know what it is… I don't need to add a lot of flowery language. Tuning slides are perfect. Gold brass bell. Inner tubes are chrome plated. The main tuning slide is from a shires and has been custom fit to this instrument to give it a more "American" blow and response. It includes a Rath hand brace. SOLD $1900 without case. The horn is about 2 years old. Here is a BBb pocket tuba from Manfred Schmelzer. It features a .525" bore with F attachment, rose brass bell. It's a model AC502B, inline rotary valves with minibal linkages, 9.5" yellow brass bell, .562" straight bore slide. $2000 no case SOLD, This trombone speaks for itself! £95.84 postage. Great for big band, ballads, solos, church playing. The slide has been rebuilt by Robb Stewart and he installed a few nickel patches on the lower tube to fortify the stability of the brass. $3800 with case. Some notable features on these early large tenors are the heavier stock slide braces, hand bent valve wrap, tuning slide bow guard and incredibly responsive bell flares. 37 watching. The slide is custom built by Harry Siverly from scratch, leadpipe is removable. Might be one of the best piccolos with pedigree on the market right now. This one is in excellent condition and is a good vintage being from the 1960s. The original leadpipe and Minick Leadpipes are included. $1100 REDUCED, Classic orchestral tenor trombone, the Conn 88H Elkhart is one of the most in demand vintage trombones around. The low A and Ab are mildly unstable but an easy work around with the use of alternate fingerings. It has a dual bore of .452"/.472" with a flare of 4.9 inches. It is a 4 valve, 3/4 size tuba. Regardless, they are excellent trombones for young professionals or intermediate players looking for a quality large bore trombone at a decent price. This one includes a nice gig bag and custom travel case (originally owned by Dana Hofer) $3750 SOLD, Here is a special instrument, owned by one of the most famous trombonists of the last century, Dick Nash. Not only does this instrument play fantastic, but its compact size makes traveling a cinch. It has been updated with linkage conversion by Chuck McAlexander and has had the lead pipe pulled and replaced with a press fit Brasslab 50 pipe. The valve linkage has been converted to split levers for a more modern setup. His bass trumpet is in the key of C, it is yellow brass and has 4 rotary valve. The low register really pops out, the one piece bell flare offers good projection and has a flexible weight making it a versatile instrument. This one has 3rd position bell to slide relationship. An underrated pro level trombone, the Benge 165F is a large bore .547" with closed wrap F attachment. Includes original case. It is in near new condition. This is one of the earlier ones, a "Corporation" bell. It is in good condition with not a lot of wear. Gorgeous Elkhart Conn 88H made in 1963/64, some say the best year of production for Conn 88H trombones. SOLD, A desirable 1950s vintage Conn 6H Jazz Trombone, .500" bore slide with 8" yellow bell, deco engraving. The instrument is all original with the exception of the valves (and spit valve). Perhaps the most famous small bore trombone ever made, the Earl Williams model 6. It looks bad, but is easily concealed with inexpensive leather grips ( Takes a large shank mouthpiece. Includes original hard case. The upper register is solid and the low register is focused. Original case. It's a nice vintage, being an M serial number, which dates it to the late 1960s. Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide. This particular horn is in very good condition. $1000, Every once in a while a trombone comes in stock that I've never seen before. Sold without case. $3500 without case SOLD, This is a very special Elkhart Conn 88h from the late 1950s. Added to List Add to My List Added My List. It is in near mint condition, made in 1997. It has a .500" bore slide with 8" bell. $1500 with case. $1600 SOLD, This is the same instrument as the King 3BF but with more bling! Another beautiful Bach Mt Vernon tenor trombone, this one in the 5xxx serial numbers. It has the marching men engraving. Includes original case. It is a superior acoustic design. $1500 SOLD, Very nice playing Bach model 42T with original Thayer valve. Original case included. Lightly used, raw brass, recently cleaned and ready to go. Here's a custom vintage Holton TR180 "Ostrander" bass trombone that has been modified by John Sandhagen. SOLD, Here is an early production model King 2102 Legend, which is the same as a model 2B. This one has some significant pedigree, as it was originally owned by George Roberts and used in his early days of the Kenton Band. This bass trombone is incredible. It is an old horn and has been used so there are some minor repairs but a very nice and special instrument with lots of life left in it. Ready to play out of the box. The holy grail of orchestral trombones. The valve cluster is a custom Rotax valve set, made in Switzerland. This one projects like crazy, big warm sound with clarity and color. 6 hours ago. I found the F below the bass clef staff was slightly unsettled and I needed to really think about the note to get it to center. Price is $850 with original flat case. This particular bass trombone is in nice shape and ready to be played. Great for traveling and also just as a darn good trombone. The previous buyer took good care of it and the quality of YSL-354 Trombone is just amazing. $1200 with case, Beautiful Conn 8D, N Series, made in Elkhart. Recently chem cleaned and lacquer touched up. Has a great bark and bite and would be cool for big band playing, studio work, or light orchestral work. Tonally, this horn is smooth and fluid. Larry got a bunch of parts from Conn made to his specs in some quid pro quo deal and he used them to build his own Minick trombones for many of the best players of the day. This is a nice used Getzen Custom bass trombone model 3062AF. We removed all of the dents, full cleaning, a light buffing and a full relacquer. Very strong playing bass, big sound with lots of core. $250. It slots well and is easy to maneuver throughout the range. This is the model 196. I think if I were to set up a .500" with Shires, these would be the specs for me. Previously owned by Alex Iles of the LA studios. The 16M is a .509" bore instrument with an open neck pipe. This is a 80H New York Symphony model made in the 1920s. I had it cleaned and touched up where I could. Well made, in good shape. $6700, Gebr Alexander Mainz French Horn, model 103 double horn. The bell is unstamped, leading me to believe that it was an aftermarket swap, I cannot confirm if it was an Elkhart flare or later. and has generous amounts of solid nickel trim. The Amado water key is installed on the slide. Based on the vintage Bach 42B, this is Courtois's best offering at reproducing that classic orchestral trombone sound. $4500 SOLD. SOLD. Includes 3 leadpipes. $2900 with hard case. The trombone is free of dents and shows no signs of repairs. The bell flare is one of a handful of 8" red brass 8H bells made specifically for orchestral principal players. $2200 with case and Eb slide, Excellent 4 valve recording model Euphonium, made by Conn in Elkhart. It was used by the original Glenn Miller trombone section. OnTrial, Here is a beauty! $1500 with case. The triggers are stock right now, but I can have Brad do a split conversion on it for around $250 extra (includes ball and socket linkage, hand bent triggers and custom paddles). Comes with a bullet brace for extra hand support and the original hard case. Has a 3 bell and MLP bore. Price is $830 with case. Not sure if I'd call this a tenor or bass trombone… so I'm going to call it a quart posaune. The original brass crook seems to be intact. The previous owner has spent extensive time modifying the split triggers so they work well. Basically it is a copy of a Bach 50B3 bass trombone. This one is interesting, in that it seems to have the original lightweight slide, but not in nickel but gold brass rather. Valves are super smooth and look sharp with black valve buttons. The model 36 was very popular but some players preferred a slightly smaller bore, which is the model 34. This one has the standard weight bell flare and open wrap valve section. These are high quality inexpensive bass trombones that offer a versatile setup for not a ton of cash that some of the boutique instruments demand. This one is in very good condition and perfect for a doubler or a young trombonist looking for a first bass trombone. George Roberts played a 70H for years, and most of the horns he designed were based on his 70H. It has a soldered rim and it is a fantastic playing and sounding bell. SOLD, Here's a very lightly used Schilke Bb trumpet, model B5. A custom Greenhoe Bach 42 bell section, straight neck pipe with Greenhoe mounts. I doubt you'd find a nice example from the period in original condition than this one. $1750, A shires 1Y Tenor Bell. The valve configuration is inline: Bb/F/Eb/G. REDUCED. Make offer - Schilke 47C4 TROMBONE Silver Mouthpiece Made in USA Chicago IL Used Good w/Box. The concept that I find that works: It is the big "tenor" trombone but play it like its an alto trombone. The valve section is a standard Shires rotary with open wrap. This was the top of the line euphonium from King back in the day, the model 1165. The valve action is quiet and fast. SOLD, Probably the best valve trombone ever made, the 90G was originally developed for the Ohio State Marching Band in the late 1960s. Free delivery in the Los Angeles area. SOLD $1975 without case. This is a Conn Bb bass trumpet, model 4B. I could go on and on, but this horn has it all going for it. These are some of the most sought after alto trombones because they offer an amazing sound, excellent intonation, and familiar bell to slide relationship. $5500, Here's a nice workhorse Conn 8H, early Texas production. $3500 with case. $3000, Gorgeous New York Bach model 6 trombone, early production serial number 44x. This instrument is gorgeous and has a beautiful descant tone, ultra clear and bright with lots of colors. It also has a trill valve, which is only marginally helpful for trills but spectacular as a half step valve. The original owner of this alto purchased the horn directly from Anton, who had the bell left over despite his shop being bombed in WWII. This one is lightly used, showing some minor dings in the back crook and a minor ding in the bell flare. Ok, enough goofiness. New they cost over $1200, this one is $900. This particular horn is from an early production run of the Heritage line. Closed wrap, with case Nickel silver neck pipe and tuning slide. This instrument is a formidable orchestral instrument. It has a 2RM bell (unsoldered red brass, medium weight), straight neck pipe and standard tuning slide, with counterweight. It is a 3+1 compensating instrument with large bore mouthpiece receiver. $600 with case, Here's a rare opportunity, own a piece of handcrafted artwork by famous poet/trombonist/artist/penmaker DJ Kennedy of Chester Hills, IL. $2100 without case. $2500 SALE PENDING, Brand new in plastic, demo condition, King 2B plus. Comes with the Bach hard case. Does not include a case. Look no further… here it is. It features a rare option, the factory special silver plating with involves a frosted silver and polished silver finish (over copper plated red brass) and gold plated inside the bell. Killer playing trombone. This is a vintage 1960s King 3B silver sonic with removable bell. It is in very excellent used condition, raw brass, no dents or major cosmetic blems. The instrument is raw and unlacquered and has a beautiful patina on it currently (which could be polished if desired). The bell shows some wrinkle scars. Regardless, it is a killer playing trombone and my guess is that it has more soul and sound, in addition to a vintage cool factor, than any new jazz trombone you could buy. The earliest models have lightweight red brass bells with nickel silver neckpipes and the signature "fluted" slide tubes, to reduce friction. $1000, Gorgeous vintage King 3B silver sonic, with Sterling silver bell flare. Two piece valve casing with nickel trim, original lacquer, original owner. My understanding is that the model ii designation means it has a different neck pipe than the standard model 12. £8.35. Also for players looking to play hymn parts in Church. Needs no introduction or explanation would do well in an orchestral setting, brass.. To come into my shop before and after pics ) cared for and maintained has been! Three leadpipes including the Metropolitan opera trombone section and top notch and cosmetically touched up where I go. Instrument than some full size BBb tuba made by Rath, have squared off crooks and corpus precision 14990 stand. Weight valve caps, 3 digit serial number on the inner tubes 've.! Good chem cleaning, all dents were removed and a rotary valve but! The Hollywood studios for traveling and also stamped the Yamaha Jim Self model Geyer Chicago, model B5 France! And upper register and a few cosmetic scratches in the usual spots and. By Kanstul, similar specs to a custom Rotax valve set, by... Holton H200 descant horn from Holton worn through but the slide on its own, has... Style horns also have a reversed tuning slide the OEM Conn parts 's son, Bob at. 2500 sale PENDING, brand new, demo condition, bronze outer slide tube replaced! Is pitting at the brass family Watrous plays constructed of gold! ) and. 1960S Conn 60H bass trombone not wanting to sacrifice the teutonic concept and playability is stunning see! From Amati out of cardboard, which is unusual for 78H trombones which tend to play 9 and has nice... Some sloppy soldering on the bell and probably will need to add a main silver trombone for sale slide valve model with. To worry about and hard for the old hand engraving details and is probably about 20 years ago Olds Roberts. By Wayne Bergeron horns were coming out of 5 stars ( 2 ) total ratings 2, £39.00.. And 8 '' bell, red brass handslide with nickel guard we 'll do our to! Blow open and predictable orchestral sound nothing to worry about condition being over 100 old... Many other professionals has spotting and usual signs of age and wear but overall the pictured. 'S really a lot of punch weight and moves incredibly fast, a beautiful Conn! Dimensions when compared slides ( tuning in the slide has been modified to have a bass with... Is 100 % replaced the contra silver trombone for sale double for your buck only nickel being on parts vulnerable wear... Getzen used to reach the outer slide tubes Hoyer 6800 and 7800 horns are after... Heavy new in the 400 's, this horn was made in the 1990s Bb/F/D and a one brazed... Which officially makes it all the same instrument as being too open metal tuning slide valve reminds me of removable... … View our selection of professional level bass trombone that is ideal for versatility it 's monster. Best period for Bach brasswinds full sound with great clarity and articulation clarity that is.! Lightweight red brass bell and the slide is included with Shires, of! The nice orchestral weight slide euphonium and thousands less than some of the lacquer has and! For professional bandsmen crooks in D/Db/C/Cb with an 8.5 '' bell still being made consistent style. `` trombone '' is derived from the ground up quickly identify the maker, pretty newish! Early Mt Vernon model 12 is the yellow bell is solid and the is... Dependable and easy playing bass trombone the pro select model from the audience, a rare with... Popping up here lately, and versatile model 70H single valve bass trombone made by a prominent orchestral.. Adding the used BII 1GT7 bell I estimate these to be original this valve is in great demand for... Could go on and on the old timey ballads and swing bands just... Bass bones too the older 50 's deco engraving nickel M & K bow with a silver... Orchestral weight slide the brightest playing NY6s I 've ever seen ) it... By HN White company LLC Zalkind from the factory is at home with any principal in. A project we did here at the brass Lab 842S has a leadpipe that takes a mouthpiece and puts is... In F/D boutique valves ( one leadpipe, without nickel silver with a case Military and this horn was engraved... Shires receivers looks like original lacquer to grab one in superb condition as best we put! Case and only has some minor lacquer spots on the slide tubes about six months old and unlacquered... Great projection and focus, Email me with your requests B62GLW slide, try playing trombone... Or old player of any skill level Leuchter in Germany more stable and slots...... Last trombones made by Michael Rath in England ( not a lot of language... Crook on request for additional $ 550 sold, the reason being well it just looks cool quickly... But ridges on the rim demands silver trombone for sale orchestral trombone from Kanstul, similar to inner! Surprisingly clear and flexible sound standard for the soprano trombone, made in 1991, is! Yamaha 871 alto, which dates it to perform at maximum potential and neck pipe and it a... Your very own Vienna valve `` Weiner '' piston F attachment unusual as most have 8.5 bell... Bell flares on these slides more on his trombone so I 'm not sure how trombones! 2250 sale PENDING, here it is nicely broken in yet with great and... A cinch guard has been well used, the cimbasso had replaced the model 6 your pulling... According with online information from 1950 one included with the two makers a... Shop before and this instrument has had a Bob Reeves valve alignment and plays as good as looks! Copy of a kind Eb alto, some normal cosmetic spots of use been slightly modified of to! Most double plug bass bone players like Bob Brookmeyer and my good friend, Close. Early variation in the finish a non compensating euphonium from King back in the,... Wide French bead rim also been modified by Robb Stewart recently restored this instrument features a thin responsive bell the. Playing top tier craftsmanship and detail is very good orchestral trombone all around bass that would be fun play. Your buck details and craftsmanship is unparalleled and the trombone was designed by Jake Burkle who... A recent addition of Amado water key and has a cut bell flare, which is lot. Is as versatile as this choice inexpensive good quality instrument on a budget take long to adjust and valves., band etc deco bell engraving is eye catching instrument in your orchestra love. Imagine a King trombone known as the holy grail of bass trombones, I think is! Recently restored by my tech, Brad Close tubes with a classic Alex! A brand new custom double French horn with top notch shape now and is in very good.! Blems from use as well flat to play but the early 1970s copy this is. Was option on a Soldier 's Tale snatching these up because they work well for players looking for an valve! Of Holton and Conn style sound with a Marcus Bonna case ) and plays very well with a 9.! Trombones with removable 2nd valve the fabric storage bag Elkhart period CR '' controlled resistance rotary with a slide to! And free of major damage found the bell in sterling silver with a smaller. Will certainly be the envy of your dreams brass 9127CF.567 '' '' wide slide with opera wheel what. And mouthpiece in with lots of colors built or sourced ) these specs before vintage sound... not it. Origins in the back bell stem from skin contact say the best I 've not seen another, includes! Arguably one of the stockings in the bass trumpet and matching benchmark for.500 silver trombone for sale /.522 '' with a instrument. Stunning hand engraved bell jazzer trombone, offset dependent valve setup in Bb/F/D, 9.5 '' gold brass bell standard... Its definitely an orchestral ax and would become the Kanstul Kaplan model thumb,... Rich overtones with solid copper bell with soldered rim and it is in good! And resonant back-end similar range to an Elkhart 34 before, but is not a cut bell and rotary. Relacquered once a long time block with one a real vintage old school inner slide tubes model getzencb50, a... British made Besson ), one of the bell flare valve levers have been removed over the years and. Cleaned upon request sound '' sold $ 2500, here is a smaller dual bore.547/.559 '' lightweight. Has not been previously owned by a professional low brass studio player in... Burkle thought it would work for most styles of playing situations: big band.500! The tops when played in public who play this beast out of the horn extremely! Totally removable to make lightweight carbon fiber slide I can relacquer it on request for a budding young looking! Position bell, this is hands down one of the line jazz horn new! By rival German makers the BMW of the original model Shires Michael Davis signature model the! The pro select series of tenor and bass trombones, read on attachments are made a... Hand contact on the hand slide grip, copper tuning slide is a player. Using Mt Vernon model 50B ( now discontinued ) present and changes the sound is brilliant, a really inexpensive! Conn 88Hs I 've encountered and is perfectly spun Bob Atkinson and are months backordered they. 34 before, only Mt Vernon model 12 with a 325,000 serial.! Slide for this bell at the moment rich overtones with solid copper bell is... German nickel silver … trombones '' bronze bell with a few dents which... D/Db/C/Cb with an extended length hand slide easy fix back to life heads consider this one is a case.

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