The first was a custom order from DW about a year ago. $1,199.00 Less than 5 remaining! I know that many of you out there are die hard 1911 fans. 9mm luger (9x19 para) 10 mm ... dan wesson 1911 valor. I’ve made no secret that I’m not a ‘1911 guy’. Quick view; Sale! Dan Wesson . Dan Wesson 1911 ECO Sub-Compact 9mm Specifications And Features For this Dan Wesson 1911 ECO Sub-Compact 9mm review, I want to present the specifications and features first. If I didn't already own three Valkyries, I would immediately buy a 9mm Vigil Commander and a 9mm Vigil CCO and not think twice about the Valkyrie. Dan Wesson 1911 Valor Government 9mm Luger 5″ Black Duty Finish $ 2,799.99 Read more. I own a couple of 1911 in 45ACP, but wanted a fun practice gun that I could also shoot some IDPA matches. ... A forum community dedicated to 1911 firearm owners and enthusiasts. I am an average shooter with aspirations of improvement. ★ Dan wesson 1911 9mm: Add an external link to your content for free. Out of stock. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. I liked it so much I decided to order a Wraith in 9mm. Out of stock. Just acquired a Gaurdian 38 super, a Pointman 38 super, and a Vigil cco 9 mm. Price. I ordered it direct from CZ through their LE/MIL program. I probably wouldn’t carry a 1911 in 9mm, but as a range toy or competition gun, a 9mm 1911 is a heck of a lot of fun! 45 acp semi auto 8+1 rounds 4.25 barrel not specified lbs. If you have read any of my past reviews of Dan Wesson 1911 pistols, you already know I am impressed with them. In both full size 5 inch and Commander models. I’m even more impressed with the Vigil given its considerably lower price point. Dan Wesson 1911 Specialist Commander 45 ACP 4.25″ Stainless Steel $ 2,149.99 $ 1,899.99 Read more. The forged stainless steel slide features the popular Clark-style serrated rib with a single amber tritium dot in the rear sight and a green lamp with white target ring in front. I had an all steel Colt Combat Commander in 9mm that I recently sold. This 1911 features a Commander Slide and Officers Frame. Borrowing the crisp single action fire control group of a DW 1911 and combining it with the ergonomics and capacity of a CZ, the resulting pistol emerged as something great. Love my STI Trojan 9mm. Sell your dan wesson 1911 9mm for FREE today on GunsAmerica! The pistol I received for testing is a full-size Specialist chambered in .45 ACP featuring Dan Wesson's Distressed finish. I haven't handled many STI's. New for 2020 . Dan Wesson 1911 ECO 9mm Pistol. Not one malfunction, ever. Dan Wesson Vigil 1911 9mm Commander 4.25" Barrel 01835 No reviews have been written for this product. Dan Wesson PM-9 in 9mm with a 5" match barrel with adjustable target rear sight and fiber front, double diamond wood grips, and a single serrated, curved trigger. Two are Government sized pistols, and the newest addition to my all steel 1911 family is the Dan Wesson Specialist Commander 9mm. My LGS store had one in 45acp that impressed me. The round-top slide Our price: $1,623.00. Price. 8. Anyone else have this gun and have any feedback or suggestions. DAN WESSON CORP VIGIL 9MM 5.75 Black SR 10RD $ 1,262.00 (16) Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II .223 REM/5.56 NATO 16" $ 829.00 (128) ... Smith & Wesson 178053 1911 Performance Center Pro Single 9mm 3 $ 1,243.00 (2) Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 SEMI AUTO HANDGUN 9MM … $1,984.00 $1,680.79. The firing pin spring is one of the most important springs in your 1911 pistol. All fine weapons. Once you shoot all the rounds from your Dan Wesson 1911, there is a good chance you will reach for a spare magazine. Out of stock. … Shooting and showing a couple of Dan Wesson 1911 pistols, the V-Bob and the Valor. Out of Stock. Check to compare Dan Wesson 1911 ECP 9mm Pistol. Dan Wesson Specialist 9mm Luger 5" Barrel Stainless Steel Black/Brown G10 Grip, 10rd Mag. Out of Stock. Buy a dan wesson 1911 9mm online. More. The 1911 Vigil is built around a forged aluminum frame with a stainless slide. Our price: $1,575.00. This is one beautiful and amazing shooting 1911 handgun. $1,732.00 $1,533.09. Then, I will give my ten criteria, range test results, and my opinions on each criterion to help you analyze the ECO to see for yourself if it is the CC gun for you. Also love my Dan Wesson Guardian .45ACP, which has been flawless and has been used in a few IDPA matches. Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 9mm Luger 5" Barrel Black Stainless Steel Black/Brown G10 Grip 10rd Mag. This is my 14th Dan Wesson 1911, and my second 9mm VBOB. 7. Out of stock. The Specialist line is a family of 1911 pistols available in full-size or Commander models, 9mm or .45 ACP, with several different finishes. If you want a 9mm 1911 pistol, but didn’t necessarily want to go whole-hog on a custom gun, you’ll want to start with a decent gun that gives you all the good parts of the 1911 experience. I picked up my new 9mm VBOB from my FFL this afternoon. This kind of gun accessory will help you to improve your preparedness and grant you that extra feeling of safety in the form of more rounds for your target. It was very nice, but I … ... Dan Wesson Forum. A Commander size 1911, the Dan Wesson Specialist is chambered in .45 or 9mm and loaded with features that make for an ideal all-round carry/home defense pistol. Once your Dan Wesson pistol is properly broken in … So, since I am fair and equitable (balanced) I thought I’d do a review on a 1911 since I am a CZ guy. Quick view Compare. $1,149.00 Less than 5 remaining! $1,417.50. Out of stock. Tested: Dan Wesson TCP 1911 Pistol in 9 mm . Dan Wesson 01833 1911 Vigil Single 9mm Luger 5 9+1 Wood Grip Black Stainless Steel - $1302.99 Dan Wesson uses the best components and finishes the industry has to offer creating the best possible 1911. Fun Gun Reviews Presents:The Dan Wesson CCO 1911 Pistol in 45 ACP. Description. Description. Dan Wesson Valor 1911 Review. It started as an experiment — a grand melding of Quick view; Dan Wesson Pointman Seven PM-7 1911 SS 45ACP Pistol $ 2,199.99 Read more. The Dan Wesson M1911 pistol is a series of model 1911 semi-automatic pistols.. Dan Wesson M1911 pistols are made at the Dan Wesson Firearms manufacturing facility in Norwich, New York.They are marketed and distributed by CZ-USA Here is the NEW Dan Wesson Kodiak 10mm 1911. The Dan Wesson line of pistols includes many fine crafted 1911 pistols in various configurations and finishes. I just snagged a Dan Wesson Valor. I am finishing breaking and want to tune the slide springs. This has a bushing less six inch bull barrel. Monday-Friday 7am-4pm Eastern (800) 955-4486 SUBSCRIBE. used. It started as an experiment — a grand melding of Dan Wesson and CZ pistols. Check to compare Dan Wesson 1911 TCP 9mm … Next thing I know I see one on gbroker for a decent price in 9mm. Check to compare Dan Wesson 1911 Heritage 45 ACP Pistol (2020) Our price: $1,586.00. Dan Wesson 65 Borden Ave. Norwich, NY 13815. Dan Wesson’s New Kodiak 10mm 1911 – NRA 2019 With a 6″ bull barrel and chambered in 10mm, it’s a reasonable choice for those who choose to hunt with a handgun. New for 2020 . If for some reason the handgun continues to have issues after this break-in process please contact Dan Wesson. I was impressed by the Dan Wesson Pointman, but realize there are some other 1911's that may be equally worth considering in 9mm. by Justin Dyal - Thursday, July 11, 2019. I have been partial to LW Commanders not just because they are within my 36 ounce carry limit, but because they handle and shoot better for me than their all steel counterparts, even in rapid … The DWX is part CZ, part Dan Wesson 1911, and it’s 100 percent race-ready, optimized for USPSA Limited Division and other shooting sports. $1,417.50. The ergonomics, the trigger system, the capacity and the unbelievably tame recoil of the 9mm round. Oh I know, clean it and feed it well, just looking for watch outs. Sample/Blem Dan Wesson Vigil 1911 9mm 5" Barrel 01833 No reviews have been written for this product. This is normal for tightly fitted 1911’s and will begin to work itself out during the break-in process. very good. Magazines for Dan Wesson 1911. After my review of the Dan Wesson Bruin, an upsized 10mm longslide 1911, I was certainly interested in seeing what else Dan Wesson had in their lineup.What I got was the same level of quality, but the opposite end of the size spectrum. The Valkyrie is a slim 9mm built to carry discreetly wile still letting you eat up rounds with minimal recoil. dan wesson 1911 9mm for sale and auction. It just so happens that CZ also owns Dan Wesson Firearms. Dan Wesson Elite Series Havoc Pistol 01978, 9mm, 4.25 in BBL, Single Action, G10 Grips, C-More Sights, w/Compensator, Matte Black Finish, 21 Rds Hinterland #: 46121 MFG #: 01978